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About Joe White

Joe joined the DCS Local team because he has a deep-rooted passion for helping small businesses in his area.

  • He was immediately attracted to the “100 Customers in 100 Days” system because of its proven track-record of results.

But while both Joe and I know that this information has the power to change your business forever, we also understood that to get results, you have to take action.

The truth is, most small business owners, don’t have the time or internal resources needed to implement the knowledge they’re suddenly empowered with.

And this is important, because success isn’t based on merely “knowing” what to do. Success is based on “effectively implementing” the marketing solutions that will drive a business forward.

More of Joe White’s personal story…

You see, Joe started out like many of our most successful advisors: A successful offline business owner who was struggling to attract new customers because he lacked an effective online presence. Over 6 years Joe generated more than $1,600,000 in online generated sales from just $100,000 in marketing costs. These were not click to buy sales they were sales made by driving local customers to his brick and mortar business.

After growing his offline hot tub & furniture business & to $1.7 million per year in sales in six years, Joe and his business reached a plateau. Determined to capitalize on the growing online revolution, Joe attained the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Internet Marketing. It wasn’t always easy and there were plenty of mistakes but Joe is now one of the few offline business owners who have truly mastered Internet Marketing and was able to take his business to the next level—and now its your turn.

Joe is now dedicated to helping other offline or online businesses master the 5 essential components of generating consistent and growing profits on the Internet:
1. Creating an Effective Website
2. Driving Targeted Traffic
3. Creating An Irresistible Offer
4. Telling a Compelling Story
5. Video Marketing

And it works—time and time again!

“I’ve been working closely with Joe since 2008 on my internet marketing for my business, from online videos to, websites, to lead generation specific landing pages. My business has grown to over 5 million per year in sales and I would attribute about 35% of our growth to Joe & his team.” After launching our micro site for kitchen cabinets we tracked a 46% increase in sales. This site now accounts for over 60% of our kitchen cabinet sales.” ~ Alex Nemet Owner, Northeast Factory Direct

The vast majority of small businesses owners, simply don’t have the skills or internal resources necessary to fully develop, maintain, and build an effective Internet Marketing system. In fact, trying to do so would likely be a terrible waste of resources because the personnel are trained to provide the primary service being offered by the business. To divert time and energy to developing an online presence would be inefficient and time-­‐consuming and may even lower the quality of the service offered to existing customers. This is why Joe’s most successful clients concentrate on what they do best while delegating the online marketing activities to Joe and his staff.

Because its one thing to learn the skills and know what to do—it’s a completely different ball game when you actually try to make time to implement everything. So this is why Joe has developed and offers proven, turn-­‐key solutions to help small business owners develop effective websites, drive targeted traffic, and ultimately: Generate more sales with fewer marketing dollars.

These services include powerful and proven, done-for-you solutions that can rapidly:

  • increase web visibility
  • traffic
  • conversion rates
  • lead generation
  • sales
  • and profits!

So as I said earlier, we could not have found a better fit in an Independent Marketing Advisor than Joe White to guide you through the steps outlined in this book. Joe is one of the few who truly pays it forward and changes lives. Whether through consulting or the delivering turn-­‐key Internet Marketing solutions for small business owners just like yourself, I know you will find Joe to be an invaluable resource for your business growth as so many already have.

Take advantage of all that Joe White offers.

Ask him how he can help your business leverage the full power of the Internet by visiting or contacting him directly at

USP: We transform your online marketing with proven systems to get more traffic, increase conversion, and sell more to existing customers on autopilot.